Friday, March 28, 2014

The Redemption of Dr. Faust

Project: The Redemption of Dr. Faust (Fort Worth, TX)
BookThe Redemption of Dr. Faust
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Concept: The design captures the final scene of this play script and renders it in a line art that combines the drama of the work with the timeless intricacy in simplicity of a two-dimensional sketch. The range of view from the gorge in the background to the spiky depths of hell in the foreground sets the stage for the beam of light that shines through an empty cross on the figure of Faust kneeling down in surrender. Together with a fresh take on a classic handwritten typeface, the design frames the message of this creative work in a sea of black that takes from the intensity of a theatre.

Through every age of mankind, there has been a focus in the search for God, to reconcile man’s actions into an eternal perspective. This subject was first produced in Germany and England in respective periods of theological thought. But this adaptation was first produced in 1973 and now is made available in print to present the simple truth of Scriptures. Anyone who is serious in understanding the Truth can do well by thoughtfully reading and applying the conclusions of The Redemption of Dr. Faust.

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