Wednesday, May 07, 2014

RestorFX Hawaii, North Shore

Project:  RestorFX Hawaii (Honolulu, HI), North Shore (Vancouver, BC)
Dates: April 10; May 7, 2014 (archive), (archive)
Technologies/Directives: (X)HTML/CSS, JS, PHP, SVG, Wordpress, Domain and Mail Setup
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Concept: A strong emphasis on typography together with a detailed crafting of bare photos, a simple colour palette and liberal use of white space breathed this project’s contemporary online presence into being. Light and airy, modern and sharp, unassuming and unobtrusive, the website chrome faded into the background, served up the brand, and let its style and content shine all on its own. The fully-responsive site hopefully matched the brand’s excellence with no less than custom code and attention to detail.

Website Landing Page

Footer with Socials

Sample Internal Page

Contact Page with Personalized Map

Mobile Site