Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Moth and the Flame

Project: The Moth and the Flame (Fort Worth, TX)
BookThe Moth and the Flame
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Concept: Taking a leaf out of the soap opera book, this design pushes the envelope of melodrama in the work’s title – fire, cash, gold, beauty, death. Everything about the techniques used in this design is the epitome of superficiality – from layering and cutouts, glows and shadows to frills and form, the vanity of a life purely founded on the physical is culminated in the cover absolutely abandoning subtlety of any form.

Following a brutal and deprived upbringing in a war-torn country filled with ethnic strife and political divisions, stunningly beautiful Karina finds that her only means for survival is to exploit her looks in a market beyond fashion. Ignoring all else, her preoccupation as a mysterious heiress is to accumulate great wealth at any expense. The consequences of such a lifestyle are lethal.

In a world where a dominant preoccupation is in making money, and relationships, fidelity and vulnerability are merely superficial elements to living, follow the life of travel, glamour, and experiences of Karina in what seems to be a luxury life to discover the sinister limitations of a selfish, meaningless pursuit with deadly consequences in a fast-paced vein-thumper that is The Moth and the Flame.

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