Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Paax Therapeutics

Project: Paax Therapeutics (BC, CA)
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Consulting Collaborator: Semelie Tumulak, BCPID, Vancouver Community College

Concept: The logo is a wordmark of the company’s name and field. Emphasizing type, the design presents the emblem in a clean typeface that shows the new firm’s identity, strength and focus with a fresh and unassuming flair. The typeface is modern yet elegant, assertive yet soothing, novel yet timeless.

A simple ideogram of two leaves accents the logotype and symbolically extends the meaning of peace and healing over the entire logo. The geometric rendition of the leaf shapes also lends the image to the profile of a pair of wings gracefully poised in peaceful flight.

The calming, relaxing, healing colour blue works together with green, the colour of balance and harmony, to let the logo abound with health and peace in a subtle yet rich overlay of meaning across visual and communicative dimensions. A touch of neutral grey renders the field in a stable, reliable and approachable colour that reminds the eye of all things natural and organic, the root of all therapeutics.

Sample Renders:



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