Friday, January 10, 2014

A Better Way: Making Better Choices

Project: A Better Way: Making Better Choices (Japan/US)
BookA Better Way: Making Better Choices
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Concept: All about encouragement, this cover owes its brightness and positivity to the amazing sky shot it features together with the inconspicuous but integral element of the graphic – a road sign. The minimalist condensed fonts in white hold back and humbly make way for the photograph to capture the magnificent light of dawn and let it shine brighter and brighter on the upwardly-inclined wooden arrow post visually conveying an inspiring challenge to always make the right choice.

Life being experienced now is the sum total of the thousands upon thousands of choices made. In every situation, in every interaction with others, there must be a choice. Too often on looking back, sometimes many years later, it is realized that better choice could have been made. A Better Way could have been chosen. Whether faced with only two alternatives or a seemingly endless array of choices, there is an innate desire to make the best choice possible to insure both current and future happiness.

The strategies presented in this book will enable and encourage one to think and make better choices – not to make excuses, not to blame others; there is almost always A Better Way.

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