Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Down Mexico Way 1963

Project: Down Mexico Way 1963 (Fort Worth, TX)
BookDown Mexico Way 1963
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Concept: This cover is all about memories - a romantic vacation in Mexico during the 20th century framed in an art gallery, putting nothing but an old and weathered yet treasured photo of the young author in his convertible the summer of 1963 before he met his bride front and centre with a scrapbook cut-out feel against a grungy Mexican flag that matches the texture of the construction paper used for the wall mount. The condensed sans serif font with the dark wood panels lends to the modern yet quaint feel of the graphic and altogether invites the reader to a wonderful walk down memory lane.

Things were different in 1963. No cell phones, and for that matter, no phones in many places in Mexico. But the various locations, attractions and people who populated areas now vastly overgrown with condominiums, business and industry, beneath all that is the foundation of a culture that was quaint, colorful and well worth visiting. Join three college students serious and curious for adventure. For those of you who have lived in or traveled in these parts of Mexico, Down Mexico Way 1963 will have special remembrances.

Photo Credits:

Walter Eagleton
PPA Certified, Master Photographic Craftsman
Chairman, Texas PPA Board of Directors

Eagleton Photography
416 South Elm, Ste. 101
Denton, Texas 76201

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