Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Paradise Discovered

Project: Paradise Discovered (Fort Worth, TX)
BookParadise Discovered
Technologies/Directives: XML (OPF, NCX)/HTML/CSS, eBook Conversion/Authoring (Amazon Kindle MOBI, AZW3), full paperback formatting (Amazon CreateSpace)
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Concept: As the much-anticipated sequel to Red Suspenders, this design carries on the look and feel of the high mountains of Colorado, together with the original cover’s handwritten type and general sense of home, comfort and the familiar. This design, however adds more interest by revealing the face of the rider, Rachel, but still directing the viewer’s eye to her surroundings as she gazes into the distance, to amplify the life of those around Paradise - it is her environment, not her, which is the focus.

As earlier mentioned Paradise Discovered is the second book in the series set in Paradise, Colorado. Only in our memories can we coddle the thoughts and the experiences we had in our youth, reminding ourselves that we too have changed since then. Faded photographs often focus out thoughts on people otherwise forgotten who may have helped shape our lives. Even our children and their children cannot possibly know our experiences, our dreams and our aspirations.

In this fictional series characters populate the stories and are identified in many instances by coincidence. The stories are drawn from encounters that celebrate common experiences in life. Through these stories we celebrate our common heritage and reflect on the joys of life growing up in a time of fond memories tented over by years of other experiences.