Tuesday, May 15, 2012

RestorFX International

Project:  RestorFX (Surrey, BC)
Technologies/Directives: HTML/CSS, JS, PHP, Wordpress, Proprietary E-Commerce Platform Integration (Beanstream), Dynamic Business Card Generator (PDF on PHP)
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Concept: Driven by the need to automate their payment and ordering system, this project integrated the client's current website with the Beanstream Payment System and involved working the proprietary Internet commerce platform into the existing online system to implement an excellent online store. The client also needed an online business card generator, a functionality that was custom-developed to produce industry-standard print-quality proofs on-demand from the client's website. With a few theme and design clean-ups and optimizations, a more robust, highly functional and user-friendly website that even more reflects the company's premium on excellence was relaunched.