Sunday, October 19, 2014

Clear-FX Corporate, Centre

Project:  Clear-FX Corporate (Seattle, WA), Bellingham (Bellingham,WA)
Dates: March 9; July 29; October 19, 2014
Website (Corporate) (archive)
Website (Centre) (archive), (archive)
Technologies/Directives: (X)HTML/CSS, JS, PHP, SVG, Wordpress, Domain and Mail Setup, Organic SEO, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing
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Concept: Modern, industrial and edgy is what the client went for in this responsive, grid-based Wordpress theme and web application customization for the online face of their recent brand redesign. All throughout the brand execution (website, business card, brochure, flyer) from custom web programming to vector graphics and print media, from a fresh sans serif type to bleeding images, this project spared no detail in turning the client’s vision into reality – a fitting complement to the dynamic and industry-changing revolution that is the Clear-FX System.

Corporate Website Landing Page

Website Landing Page for Centre

Sample Internal Page

Another Sample Internal Page

Corporate Contact Page

Contact Page for Centre

Business Card

Corporate Brochure (Exterior)

Corporate Brochure (Interior)

Sell Sheet (Sample)