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The Sweet Dream of Life

Project: The Sweet Dream of Life (Fort Worth, TX)
BookThe Sweet Dream of Life (Il Sogno Dolce di Vita)O Doce Sonho da Vida (Portuguese Edition)
Dates: July 24, 2013 (English); October 6 (Portuguese)
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Concept: This cover features a photograph that is a true work of art, and the rest of the elements give way to the grandeur and beauty of the live human sculpture. Apart from the ornate type used in the title, everything else is kept as simple as possible - from a subdued serif typeface to the strictly monochromatic colour scheme - the whole design stays true to its mission of bringing this literary composition to life in one dynamically captivating still image. The green overlay pays tribute to the Brazilian flag for the Portuguese translation.

There are mentors in everyone’s life. Often they are subtle influences, that one does not realize until much later in life. The Sweet Dream of Life (Il Sogno Dolce di Vita) is a story of such. A teacher, counselor, advisor and friend to many performing artists around the world places his footprints on facilities, programs and individuals without regard for decent compensation. His reward is a surprise in a crowning moment of his life that celebrates the return on his life-long investment. This is a charming tale that derives from actual experiences the value of friendship and the diligence of mentoring. In an age where submitting to the discipline of care and commitment to someone and something you love, this story serves as a reminder of priorities.

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Travis Wilton
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Portuguese Translation: Diego Silva do Nascimento