Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Echo of Silence

Project: The Echo of Silence (Fort Worth, TX)
BookThe Echo of Silence
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Concept: An old sheet of paper, ink blobs and strokes, Victorian ornaments, a teacup stain and a fountain pen evoke the stillness and serenity surrounding the romantic flurry of letter-writing set during the late Victorian era captured in the re-release of this wonderfully compelling love story.

On July 4th 1891, Zebulon Montgomerys 19th birthday, he catches a glimpse of a petite strawberry blonde dressed in a peach coloured gown with accompanying parasol. That moment would change his life. Discover with him a letter based liaison that unfolds into a blossoming relationship with Gamine Galientotte. Through their written communication, captivated by imagery and language transcending words, see how they engage preconceived notions of what is right and proper. With a shocking discovery, they are able to reconcile their differences and concerns to initiate a marriage filled with wonder and delight. In the late Victorian era bursting with change yet fighting the unfamiliar, their romance will be tested in every way. The Echo of Silence is the first of a trilogy that has precious value to any developing relationship.

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