Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wind of Destiny

Project: Wind of Destiny (Fort Worth, TX)
BookWind of Destiny
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Concept: This cover is a contemporary visual take on one of the central activities in the novel - sailing, and how the entire experience of the wind and sea is captured and conveyed without having an actual visual of a sailboat. The clean and light typography with the use of lines and geometric visual blocks put together an engaging visual experience fit for this release that updates previous imprints.

Wind of Destiny is a love story that develops between wealthy Kyle Hughes and lovely missionary nurse Rhonda Lyttle that began on a spontaneous day of sailing together. On parallel courses they meet “coincidentally” in seven locations around the globe over two decades. This story weaves a gentle tale of priorities for living in a captivating passionate story of commitment that will soften your heart to the realities of life.

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Sails 2, Kathleen Tyler Conklin,