Thursday, June 13, 2013


Project:  iNetworkMS (Antioch, CA) (archive)
Technologies/Directives: (X)HTML/CSS, JS, PHP
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Concept: De-stemmed letter “n”s form a stylized cross as one of the ubiquitous symbols for medical-related industries, as iNetwork specializes in medical equipment and supplies. The letters come together in a flowing network pattern which is a geometric take on classic infinity symbols to stand for continuity and synergy. The bottom “n” is then serif-ed and slightly angled to reveal a lowercase “i” whose cross-dot anchors the entire ideogram and brings the whole design together. This lowercase “i” also graces the logotype, dabbing on a slight touch of whimsy to the clean, light and solid lines of the type. The concept exudes strength, flexibility and teamwork in a depth of both classic and contemporary imagery.

The project also featured creating a simple landing page that showcases the company’s newly-created brand in a contemporary, flat and clean responsive design adaptively optimized for both standard and high-resolution mobile, tablet and desktop displays.

Website Landing Page
Tablet and Mobile Views

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