Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Tapestry of Pas De Deux

Project: The Tapestry of Pas De Deux (Fort Worth, TX)
BookThe Tapestry of Pas De Deux
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Concept: Verdant bright colours in ribbons that emanate from the background engage the white statuesque figure of a perfect Grand Jete in this design of movement, capturing the ballerina completely airborne with many coloured ribbons of experience through which she dances. Contrasting the sterile white technique with the spectrum of life's experiences, the precious story of two inseparable lives comes together beautifully in this picture of a dance for two.

The dreams, desires and plans of anyone are captured in this gentle impressionistic Tapestry of Pas De Deux. The discipline, sacrifice, education and skill necessary in any vocation are merely that which prepares one for launching into a career in it. It is in living it that your skill is brought into fruition. In this dance for two, the circumstance of one puts restrictions on the ability to reach for the dreams established. The other launches completely into a remarkably successful career but without the joy and satisfaction of being complete. Only in the unfolding of one's experiences is the added dimension of value to one's life discovered. This gentle poetic tale ricochets off many experiences and penetrates the importance of passion in one's fulfillment. In the reading of this work may you discover your focus and be fulfilled.

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