Saturday, November 10, 2012

Peregrina and Her Beloved

Project: Peregrina and Her Beloved (Fort Worth, TX)
BookPeregrina and Her Beloved
Technologies/Directives: XML (OPF, NCX)/HTML/CSS, eBook Conversion/Authoring (Amazon Kindle MOBI, AZW3), full paperback formatting (Amazon CreateSpace), audiobook cover (Amazon Audible ACX)
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Concept: Inspired by the symbolic use of crossbeams and dreams in this word-picturesque allegory, the design is meant to allude to the rich imagery employed in full abandon throughout the narrative. The crossbeam which stands for that unmistakable longing for God only He can fill is rendered in the interestingly broken-up texture of grunge art, set in a dreamy wall of sky-sea-landscape in an overlapping tapestry of shapes and colours that tease and pull the eye in every direction all across the design.

A story lifted out of context from the ancient stories of the Bible, Peregrina and Her Beloved transcends the fantasy genre and enters into a world where dreams meet reality, painting a fictional world synthesizing truth and creative thought into a gripping tale of devotion and veracity regarding how the world exists.