Monday, September 10, 2012


Project:  ValuAsia (Singapore) (archive)
Technologies/Directives: HTML/CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Custom Search
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Concept: The ValuAsia Database is my Economics and Computer Science brainchild back in 2000 taken-on by the Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA) last 2011 and was redeveloped from the ground up for relaunch this month as the ValuAsia Platform.

The logo is a no-brainer hybrid of the letters V and A that naturally proceeded from the graphical lines of each letter perfectly complementing each other. The visual aesthetics, being a spin-off of Elegant Themes's Webly, is an elegantly unique balance of whimsical creativity and business-like professionalism that appropriately and strongly carries the platform's mandate to make environmental and economic valuation easy, accessible and practical for policy- and decision-making.

Sporting an intelligent custom database search and filled with context-sensitive functionalities such as administrative functions coupled with online training videos and user manuals, the platform boasts of a computational  mechanism founded on economic theory and features equally capable front- and back-ends cleverly and powerfully implemented to make general and administrative user experiences as smooth and intuitive as possible.

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