Wednesday, September 29, 2010

JeffX Productions

Project: JeffX Productions (Surrey, BC)

Concept: Combining the three elements required by the client - a disc, a headset and an X, the logo boasts of a clean, industrial design that gives off a hip and modern appeal to younger clientele while maintaining a mystical polish that is welcoming to a more mature audience. The disc is key to this broad reach, standing for both the traditional vinyl record and the progressive optical disc. Refracted light forms the X on the disc, while the headset is characteristic of typical DJ gear.

The logotype further strengthens this twofold scope by using a fresh sans-serif typeface quite characteristic of a serif font in its use of thicker stems and angled edge slashes.

With the logo design came an update of the name as well, from "DJ Jeff X" favorably reminiscent of the '80's, to "DJeffX" strongly influenced by modernspeak "DJ Effects".