Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get Jacked Now!

Project: Get Jacked Now! (Surrey, BC)
Website: www.getjackednow.com (archive)
Technologies: HTML/CSS, JS/JSON, Blogger CMS

Concept: The logo highlights the fact that the business name is a play on the client's name, Jackie, by using a custom-drawn handwritten logotype that lends the perfect personal feel to the logo. Its overall structure captures the strength and confidence of a fit and healthy body by forming a strong visual base tapered from the top. The colour scheme, as requested by the client, throws strong splashes of colour on a black canvas conveying a modern, edgy and contemporary feel with a slight feminine bias, since the business plans to start primarily catering to women.

Website Landing Page

The brochure, business card and website combo boasts of a streamlined look and feel consistent among the various media. In addition, the website uses a blog-type content management system (CMS) easily maintainable by the client.

Brochure Outer Side

Brochure Inner Side

Business Cards in 4 variations