Thursday, August 07, 2014

Shadows After The Rain

Project: Shadows After the Rain (Fort Worth, TX)
BookShadows After the Rain
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Concept: This scenic shot in spring by a canal in the Netherlands lets the creations of Vermeer take centre-stage as the novel unfolds its ghostly story. The design mixes the mystery of dark skies with a faint hit of light coming through after a storm while throwing a play on all these colours and textures of an oil painting. Add in a type that gives an unsettled blend of contemporary structure with a traditional appeal casting a shadow on the whole image and the perfect platform is set for the narrative interaction to unfold.

So often we ignore the legacies of the past in an urgent need to anticipate the artificial gratification of those things overwhelming us on media, the internet, television and motion pictures. The Chisholm family with deep roots of twenty years of history from Texas venture on an ill-planned and fateful holiday to Holland to discover that nothing was as it was expected! By a strange quirk of environmental circumstances, this Twenty-first Century modern family is transported to an extraordinary experience from the past to find that Johan Vermeer’s elegy to a life fulfilled was nothing like what they were living. A story of the quiet, gentle poltergeists of Delft is for the whole family, a tale to be told for those who are willing to listen to Shadows After the Rain.

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