Saturday, December 22, 2012

Red Suspenders

Project: Red Suspenders (Fort Worth, TX)
BookRed Suspenders
Technologies/Directives: XML (OPF, NCX)/HTML/CSS, eBook Conversion/Authoring (Amazon Kindle MOBI, AZW3), full paperback formatting (Amazon CreateSpace)
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Concept: Cool summer breezes, sudden summer showers, wonderful fresh pine air, numerous cattle ranches - just a handful of the great and wonderful things about the high mountains of Colorado. Taking advantage of handwritten type and the viewing angle behind a majestic scenery, this design hopes to evoke an environment and emotion of home, comfort and the familiar as it draws on the life experiences of several characters interestingly interacting with each other in a wide range of events in and around the fictional town of Paradise.

Everyone's life is confronted with problems and challenges. Most of the people each one interacts with have interesting histories, experiences and dreams that rarely are exposed. This first chapter invites you to an extraordinary series of events that offer hope amidst despair, success drawn from apparent failure, conclusions derived from aspirations, and surprising joy in spite of uncertain circumstances. High in the Colorado Rockies, near the little town of Paradise, the events begin to unfold involving the need to engage some cattle drovers for roundup. Take a peek at a few of these characters and transport yourselves to a majestic location populated with hard-working folks who have dreams and disappointments but engage to accomplish wonderful things.

Your written comments in feedback to the author on this serialized story will generate sequels. It is recommended to identify characters and appropriate situations that may be found interesting to be included in future sequels. Keep up with Red Suspenders as other chapters in some cases with totally different characters and stories begin to populate or visit Paradise, Colorado.

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