Thursday, October 20, 2011


Project: Biodent (Alabang, PH)
Website: (archive)
Technologies: Flash, HTML/CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress
Client Requirements: background music, text animation, tree design implementation carried-over from previous branding
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Concept: The logo is a tooth formed from two overlapping leaves, beautifully portraying a potentially unattractive image while perfectly representing everything the business stands for - Holistic Dental Wellness. The logotype embodies the perfect balance between strength and calm, boasting in its clean lines while reveling in its curves. The overall brand exudes natural elegance.

Website Landing Page

The website sports a sleek and simple design with just the right amount of features needed for online presence without sacrificing usability and simplicity. Its layout emphasizes flow, which lets visitors easily understand and navigate the site contents. The three short blurbs on the homepage bring immediate content to the landing page, while the featured cross-slider provides a clear call to action. The featured slider brings the client's business values and practice ideals to life as it beautifully draws the visitor to the role of the four elements in the human body and the whole philosophy of holistic health.

The site also features relevant information updates and a contact form at the footer of every page, visually tucked away in the subpages and easily accessible with the click of a button. The background music player is also subtly implemented with full playback and volume control, blending perfectly into the whole site design. In addition, the site comes with visually pleasing lavalamps on the navigation menus complete with fluid drop-downs, smart and smooth site navigation menus on the sidebar, photo slideshows that play well with the soft shapes, gradients, and various shades of gray and green, as well as many other details that make this site truly feature-rich yet uncluttered and intelligent. The project is an elaborate implementation of a business site and a blog in one that lets the client effortlessly create and manage content while remaining functionally unobtrusive and visually appealing.


Business Card

The business card heavily lends itself to the design philosophy at work in the logo and the website. The vertical orientation of the card combined with the use of round edges speaks of the uncanny union of excellent professionalism and unmatched personal care that goes into every client-patient relationship of the business. The quiet yet modern typefaces and colours altogether polish-off the well put-together look that perfectly complements the centered and focused yet relaxed approach that the business takes in all its endeavors.