Thursday, April 28, 2011

School's Out

Project: Faithworks II 2010-2011 (Relate Church Community Care, Summer Hampers 2011 Project; Surrey, BC)

Concept: These posters and flyers were used as promotional materials for the Summer Projects of Relate Church’s Community Care. The Summer Hampers subproject was organized by the 2nd year Faithworks students.

The summer season is boldly represented by several festive elements, most striking of which is the bright yellow theme. From contemporary solar rays and ink blobs to fun and hip shapes and dingbats, the positively chaotic mix of modern silhouettes is harmoniously tied together by a unified colour palette, using only shades of yellow throughout the entire spread. The design is pure excitement, joy and celebration as it encourages everyone to spend the season of the sun in awesome sharing of the light of the Son.



Vision Card (Front and Back)

Coffee Bar Card