Sunday, November 28, 2010

Robert Kwasny Woodwork

Project: Robert Kwasny Woodwork (Surrey, BC)
Website: (archive)
Technologies: HTML/CSS, JS/JSON, Blogger CMS, Domain and Mail Setup

Concept: The logo is a chip of wood that subtly spells out the client's initials: R and K, cleverly disguised as part of the wood grain. The logotype uses a tall and bold sans-serif typeface that reflects the solid presence of both the client and the craft, complemented by the earthy and wholesome feel of the dark brown. The overall brand combines traditional artistry with an upscale style.

Website Landing Page

The website is an elaborate implementation of a portfolio and a blog in one that lets the client manage all content without any technical complications, while maintaining a simple, clean and magazine-style interface to showcase the client's creations in a gallery alongside blog entries that show the client's other interests besides woodworking.

Gallery Entry

Blog Entry

Featured as the main graphic above is the front side of the business card. Building around the aesthetics of wood grain as a primary client request, the texture of the business card strikes a good balance between the contemporary feel of the brand logo and the bare sophistication of wood veneer.