Monday, February 08, 2010

S5 Enterprises

Project: S5 Enterprises (Surrey, BC)
Website: (archive)
Technologies: ASP, PHP, HTML/CSS, JS

Concept: Family is what this business, and thus the design, thrives on. The client's business name "S5" represents all 5 of the business owners' family members, whose names all start with the letter "S". This idea is celebrated by the logo's 5 regressively-sized circles inside a highly geometric rendition of the letter "S", which is carried-on to the logotype with the stylized "s".

The earth tones, clean lines and general simplicity of the palette and design scheme emphasize the company's guiding principles of unity, genuine care and understanding. This scheme transcends the website, flyer and business card designs giving it a well put-together and professional aura.


Business Cards (Front and Back)

Website About Page

The website's interior pages as well as the flyers and business cards strengthen visual unity by employing the logo's characteristic "S" shape as the prominent silhouette of the photo collage on the left side of the designs.

Featured above as the main graphic is the website's landing page.