Sunday, September 02, 2007


Project: TeamWorshipLB (Los BaƱos, PH)
Website: (archive)
Technologies: ASP, HTML/CSS, JS

Concept: Straightforward, honest, real. The logo embodies everything the client stands for - truthful worship. The ideogram is a simple arrow with an industrial look, evocative of road signs and directions. It is directed upward, emphasizing vertical worship. The same arrow proceeds from the visual reference to the worship team, suggesting that everything the team does points everyone back to God - God is the focus.

The logotype is the team name in block letters bounded by a box. This part forms a solid base that hints of the completeness, security of foundation in ministry that can only be found in Jesus. The heavy, strong and modern typeface completes the entire look and feel of what the team is all about - God-worship and adoration with replicable devotion.

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